Ronald W. Heiby Curriculum Vitae

Papers Presented

  • “Resources of the Internet: A Sampling”, Joint Meeting of the IEEE Chicago Chapters of the Communications, Computer, Engineering Management, and Professional Communications Societies, and /usr/group/chicago (UniForum Affiliate); January 1993
  • “Testing for Customer Satisfaction”, SysComp/92 West, San Jose, CA; February 1992
  • “Read Me First!: Documentation of Hidden Information”, Motorola Computer Group Technical Ladder Conference, Tempe, AZ; July 1991
  • “Testing for Customer Satisfaction”, Motorola Microcomputer Division Technical Ladder Conference, Tempe, AZ; March 1990
  • “Making Life Easier for WHICH End User?”, Seventh Annual Honeywell International Software Conference, Brooklyn Park, MN; May 1983
  • “Structured R&D Control Systems Software Development Using Multics”, Fifth Annual Honeywell International Software Conference, Bloomington, MN; March 1981


  • SAE J2366/7LX ITS Data Bus – Lexicon, April 2002
  • SAE J2366/7 ITS Data Bus – Application Message Layer, April 2002
  • SAE J2366/4 ITS Data Bus – Thin Transport Layer, March 2002
  • SAE J2366/2 ITS Data Bus – Link Layer, November 2001
  • Triarch Programming Guide: Reuters SSL™ 4.0 Reference Manual, June 1996
  • Triarch Programming Guide: Reuters SSL™ 4.0 Developer’s Guide, June 1996
  • Reuters Triarch SSL™ 4.0 Programmers Training Course, June 1996
  • Read Me First! Manual, 1990
  • “What is Multics?”, Scientific Honeyweller, June 1983, Volume 4 #2

Certifications, Boards, and Committees

  • Certified Scrum Master (2007)
  • SAE J2366 – ITS Data Bus
  • Director, UniForum Chicago (1993-1995)

Additional Training

  • Voices That Matter: iPhone Developers Conference (October 2009)
  • Scrum Alliance, Scrum Master Training, Certified Scrum Master (2007)
  • AT&T courses, including UNIX system internals, C – UNIX interface, UNIX Device Drivers.
  • Seminars and tutorials on various topics.
  • Dale Carnegie course.
  • BSA Woodbadge adult leadership training.
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